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Peter Karmin


Peter Karmin is the managing member of Fort Sheridan Advisors LLC and Karmin Capital, which became a division of Fort Sheridan in 2016. Peter founded Fort Sheridan Advisors in 2009. Fort Sheridan and Karmin Capital are investment boutiques with an emphasis on managed accounts. Peter has extensive experience in managing fixed income, equity and currency strategies (including derivative products) in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Prior to starting Fort Sheridan, Peter worked for 15 years for the Perot family in their investment office. While at Perot Investments, Peter oversaw bond portfolios (mortgage backed, corporate and municipal) and served as a portfolio manager for a $2.8 billion multi-strategy hedge fund which focused on the global fixed income and equity markets. Peter received an MBA and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, both from Northwestern University. Peter and his wife have four children.
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